You can count on me to offer an HONEST opinion of your home’s detriments and features. I am not afraid to give you the bare bones valuation. I call myself the upbeat voice of reason because while I may give suggestions it is always in a positive way. I will give a full overview as to what can improve your view of the home in the eyes of buyers, since, really that’s who were looking to sell to. I offer a strategic marketing plan than includes a staging consult, repair work from our expansive list of vendors and analysis of potential concerns that may hold back buyer offers. Our team has an on staff licensed appraiser, marketing manager as well as an assistant who all work together to make your home stand out and make sure nothing gets left out.

When selling your home you have quite a list of agents in San Diego that can help. This does not mean all are created equal. Interview and ask questions, you will be working with your agent/broker often, you want to feel you are comfortable and can trust them.

Can’t give away all my secrets here, so give me a call and let’s chat!